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Wanted... players for our Male Airsoft team - 45th Infantry Battalion Airsoft

Posted Fri, Oct 18 by Maxwell from Olympia, WA in Teams and Groups / 6 replies

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    Our team, 45th Infantry Battalion, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • Terrance replied Wed, Jun 18

    Need more info. Am interested, please advise.
  • Charles replied Tue, Jul 1

    im up for it, message me
  • Terrance replied Tue, Jul 1

    I'm new to this site, still figuring this all out. What county are you in?
  • Charles replied Wed, Jul 2

  • Param replied Fri, Sep 26

    Hi Terrance,
    I am working on a Robotic project and I am looking for somebody who can help us modify an AEG so that it can be used on a robot. It can be a weekend project and we'll pay you for your time. Let me know if you are interested.
    If you know somebody else who can help us, please message me.
  • Joe replied Wed, Apr 5

    I'm new to airsoft but interested in playing in olympia
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