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Are you available to join a co ed Soccer team? Soccer

Posted Mon, Feb 29 by jerad from Tacoma, WA in Teams and Groups / 5 replies

  • Team Profile: Savage FC   Request to Join Savage FC »

    Our team, Savage FC, needs more players

    If interested, reply and let me know...
  • James replied Fri, Feb 24

    not sure when this was sent but I am more than willing if the invitation is still open
  • Jake replied Sat, Feb 25

    I am interested in playing. Male 22 GK or mid
  • Peter replied Tue, Feb 28

    Yeah I would be interested in playing, in this indoor or outdoor and what time are the games at?
  • Joan replied Sun, Mar 5

    me can i join the soccer team?When and where? Im female.
  • Michelle replied Sun, Mar 19

    Where nd when
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